Senior Software Architect

We lead software architecture initiatives.  Our contribution to a project might be process, technology, software design, or all three.  We also work to fit projects into a long-term plan.

Your impact:

  • Diplomacy and Tact: Linus Torvolds is a great software engineer, but we do not want him to work here. Someone's work is not 'crappy', and we are not 'Gods'. Accept the limits of your experience.  Seek the guidance of others.  Build consensus. If consensus is impossible:  you can make a decision, but you must explain your reasons.
  • Leadership: This role does not have reports, but it is expected that others will want to follow you. There is a lot to do. You will never get there alone.
  • Big Picture: Bitso is a big system, and it is getting bigger. Part of our role is to figure out how to make that work. Both for the machines, and for the people.
  • Change: This job description does not specify a department. The departments here come and go. We change. We get better every time.  The management here is extremely agile.
  • Multiple Options:  We always start with more than one idea.  We evaluate the quality attributes of each idea, and relate them to our business.  Be pragmatic, and change your mind as you learn more.
  • Work With Management:  Bitso is not a rigid hierarchy, but we do have leaders.  You will need to follow others, and you will need to believe in the future of crypto.
  • Open Source:  Proprietary systems can be interesting, but it is unlikely that we will ever deploy one.  It is not about the money.  It is about having more options, now and in the future.
  • Inclusive:  Bitso is a diverse multinational community.


Who you are:

  • Java and Friends: Core engineering here is Java based. You should expect to spend half your time in IntelliJ. We sometimes work with other groups like DevOps and Data Science, and they use other languages. Be a Java engineer, grow your Java, but look in awe at other things too.
  • Experience: Be prepared to talk about the things that you have done. What made you proud? What made you grow as a person? If you have led others, how did you help them grow? What made you happy?
  • Education: A degree is not required for this position. But you do need to read Computer Science papers and explain them to others. We stand on the shoulders of giants.
  • Self-Motivation / Self-Discipline: Bitso is 100% remote and nobody is going to look over your shoulder. Make sure this is the work you want to do.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: The best products in crypto have yet to be built. Be prepared to explore new ideas and take risks.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • English language proficiency. 

About our selection criteria:

There are specific technologies and disciplines below.  If you have taken another path through the industry, please do still apply.  We care about who you are as a person, and believe that diversity can make a team stronger. Unfortunately we can only consider candidates who communicate effectively in English.


Reading List:

We like these books:

  • The Pragmatic Programmer - David Thomas, Andrew Hunt
  • A Philosophy of Software Design - John Ousterhout
  • Clean Architecture - Robert C. Martin
  • Building Event-driven Microservices - Adam Bellemare
  • Implementing Domain-Driven Design - Vaughn Vernon
  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications - Martin Kleppmann

About Bitso:

Bitso is Latin America’s leading cryptocurrency platform. Our goal is to evolve how we think about and use money. We believe that we should all have the opportunity to use our money whenever we want it, and how we want it, without boundaries or schedules. To achieve this, we provide individuals with fast, cheap, seamless and user-friendly financial services powered by blockchain technology. 

Cryptocurrencies do not rely on intermediaries to give them legitimacy or value. Instead, they are valuable because of the peer-to-peer technology that powers them. We firmly believe in crypto and the use cases it has. It’s time for the world to upgrade to a fair, open, transparent, and global financial system for all. #makecryptouseful. 

Visit us at 

Bitso promotes an environment where people are treated fairly and with respect, free of discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence or threats. 

Please visit: to see our privacy policy.


Compensation and Benefits:

  • Purpose: You’ll be part of something bigger, working towards financial disruption and inclusion across Latin America.
  • Culture: You’ll work in a thriving, friendly, and fun environment that promotes open discussions, jokes, learning, video games, and lots of fun.
  • People: You’ll work with some of the most driven and intelligent people in the crypto space, engaging with a network of diverse talent from 25+ nationalities bound by our quest to #makecryptouseful.
  • Salary: We pay competitively in the countries where we operate.
  • Venue: Work from wherever you want, work asynchronously; this role is fully remote to give you maximum freedom.
  • Unlimited Paid Time-Off:  You choose your number of days off. Recharge batteries and enjoy who you are outside the office

  • This role is expected to work remotely.
  • These are the applicable requisites, although equivalent competencies in any of the above will also be considered.
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