DevOps Engineer

Next-gen genomic sequencing is a new frontier. The complexity and sheer size of the data in the life sciences will make astronomical data problems look modest. Roche Sequencing is not only changing science, but we are changing lives.

Our software teams are laying the groundwork for the future by developing powerful bioinformatics algorithms, data analysis tools, and software/systems infrastructures so researchers and clinicians can make better health decisions faster. The path to curing cancer lies in ones and zeros.

Ask yourself: Do you want to work on another “me too” app, ad-tech system, e-commerce platform.  Or would you rather build products scientists and others in the life sciences will use to diagnose, find treatments, and eventually beat diseases like cancer? Our team builds highly scalable, reliable software, and secure systems for better diagnostics.  

In this role, your voice will be heard and you’ll be the specialist for mission-critical decisions. You will be responsible for implementation/improvement of software development practices, release management methodologies and software deployment strategies, optimizing and fine-tuning for best 'uptime' and performance.


  • Operating as part of an international team supporting production operations for medical decision support software in the cloud (AWS).Deploying and supporting patches and new major releases.Optimizing AWS resources and minimizing costs for a multi-tenant web application deployed across multiple countries.  Automating service deployment and configuration using Terraform, Ansible, and Jenkins, providing consistent performance with an eye for scale.Monitoring production systems using AppDynamics, Icinga.Responding to automated alerts and customer reported issues quickly to maintain high availability.Escalating customer’s technical product issues to the engineering team for troubleshooting and resolution.Participating in product design and development, customer training, support, and sales activities as needed.
  • Are you a Generalist to an extreme? Yes? This is ideal.Is this personal to you? Because you will need passion to learn fast and embrace the opportunity to support superb software products for genome and cancer analysis.You will need to understand, and ideally, anticipate issues with production tools and configurations.Fluency at system-level with mainstream Linux distributions (Debian or Ubuntu preferred).Expertise in managing systems from build, deploy, OS Hardening, OS imaging, application packaging, etc.Ability to script in your sleep in at least one scripting/software language (Bash, Python, Perl, Java).Solid understanding of networking fundamentals gained through hands-on management of network, server, storage, and operating systems.Veteran level expertise with Amazon cloud (AWS) environments, utilities, and tools.Experience with system configuration management/orchestration tools like Terraform, Ansible.Driven to build robust automated logging, monitoring, and alerting systems with tools such as  SumoLogic, CloudWatch, AppDynamics, Icinga, Thruk.Very knowledgeable of security tools and methodologies.Solid experience working with complex software products like databases, application servers, distributed systems, etc., with the ability to read logs and troubleshoot issues.Highly motivated with the ability to work independently and in a team environment.3-6 years in SRE, Systems Engineering, DevOps role.Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.


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