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About us

Zignaly is the revolutionary social investment platform that lets regular people invest via the expertise and leverage of the world’s top, vetted crypto traders — while only paying a fee on profits. Never before have consumers been able to have their crypto investing handled entirely by the elite pros, while being able to invest as little as $1 and having industry-leading account and safety protections.

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What I like the most is real flexibility. If I have a problem taking the children to school, or any other unforeseen event, it's not a big deal, I can make up those hours at any other time. And that's also a different from other companies in which flexibility means that you can start from 8:00 to 9:00


Our Vision

Helping tens of millions on their path to financial freedom.

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There is one thing interesting and good enough to mention the most for me. Even though we are working remotely I can feel the team's warmth, energy, strength and target focused work and this makes me feel a part of the team and also gives me the energy the same way. Till today I've worked for all sizes of media and IT companies but this is different to me. So thanks to the team🙏😊


Our History

Zignaly was founded in July 2018 to automate the signals sent by expert traders, being able to add personal settings to them. In March 2019 Copytrading was created, allowing users to replicate the trader's actions in their account, enabling users without knowledge to enter the crypto world. Seeking to improve this service, we created our own Zignaly Exchange powered by Binance and launched Profit Sharing in November 2020, achieving that 100% of the positions are managed by expert traders, with users having exactly the same result.

I have worked in many companies, even large ones. And one thing I really like about Zignaly is the power of innovation. I think we are pioneering technologies that will be the future in one way or another. In addition, I can also highlight the culture and horizontality of the company. I have seen very few companies whose environment, even if it is remote, is so comfortable and you feel part of it.


Key results

+400,000 users

+$120M in Assets Under Management

+5 Billion in Trading Volume 


  • Working from home 100% remote
  • Flexibility to choose your work schedule as desired  

  • Working in a dynamic, innovative and disruptive company 

  • Each employee has 22 days of paid time off (PTO) per year

  • The holidays corresponding to the country of residence are granted

  • Competitive salary for all positions 

  • Collaborate in an environment that encourages diversity, equality and inclusion

  • Keep training! We pay for the courses that help you grow professionally in our company!

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